soundinstallation for 12 loudspeakers
arranged according to the circle of fifths

09/06 -

photo of the first installment © rik de boe/lier 2006

for centurys, western music has been determined by the grid of the circle of fifths, establishing a virtual tonal space of 12 equidistant pitches, projected onto a circle similar to a clock dial.
with a special filter algorithm, recordings of music are separated into the 12 pitchclasses (a pitchclass means e.g. all "c"s across several octaves).
the 12 resulting tracks contain one pitchclass each, spread over the full orchestral range.
they are projected thru an array of 12 loudspeakers, arranged in the order of the circle of fifths.
the virtual space of tonal order is thus projected into the real space of loudspeakers.

depending on the postion of the listener, he either hears the original piece (= equal distance to all speakers) or, to the other extreme, one pitchclass (= ear close to only one speaker) only. between those two extremes lies a world of subtle to gross shifts in the perception of the music.

hear a simulation, based on the menuet from w.a. mozart´s jupiter symphony (mp3)

the installation was premiered at voorkamer in lier / belgium
as part of the "3 HEILIGE GEEST (WEEKEND) (30/9/2006-1/10/2006)
subsequent installments were at:
2009 nov 20 - 22: goldhalle hessischer rundfunk, frankfurt/main
2010 feb 4 - 11: music academy muenster
2010 may 11 - 14: 2b gallery, budapest (+3dB contemporary sound art festival)
2011 march 23 - april 6: goldhalle hessischer rundfunk, frankfurt/main
2011 oct 1 - nov 9: fonoteka nacional, mexico city (festival transitio IV)

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